Other Services Provided To The Thermoplastic Industry

It is our focus to be a partner to our vendors, and customers. We have years of experience with plastic recycling, and feel that we have the answers that will not only be environmentally friendly, but also give your company its greatest return on investment.
Polymer - Industrial Plastic Recycling in Murray, UT
Toll Shredding and Granulating:
We have the right equipment, and experience to reduce your parts, purgings, and scrap into a reusable raw material. Many manufacturers find themselves in need of regrind, not having the ability, or time to reclaim material lost in start-ups, color changes, etc. Besides being eager to buy these scrap materials, we often grind, and return them to the company that generated them for a fee.
Custom Compounding and Reprocessing:
Do you have a need for a unique or specific material? We can help. If you need a filler, color, or additive for your application, we can utilize your materials, or use something from our vast inventory, and re-pelletize it to suit your needs. If your requirements are extremely unique, we can have a custom material compounded for you.
Custom Colors, and Additives:
Reaction Polymers, Inc. is a distributor for Clariant Masterbatches. We inventory many stock colors at competitive prices. We can match any color you provide, be it a Pantone number, or a physical sample. Many colors are readily available, and can be drop shipped directly to you. If you are in need of additives, just ask. We carry a full line of additives; UV inhibitors, Fire Retardants, Clarifiers, Lubricators, Impact Modifiers, etc.
Material Mixing and Blending:
We can custom blend additives, and colors in your material, or ours. From small batches, to semi loads, we can get you a consistent blend to get the job done efficiently.
Testing and Material Type Identification:
It is not uncommon for companies to have inventory in their warehouse that they aren't sure what material type it is. With just a small sample, we are able to identify the material type, and properties.